Have all the influencers out there ever thought about the one device that has been the catalyst to aid them in spreading their message across borders and continents? Influencers are able to connect with fans that are anywhere in the world by passion, instead of geographical proximity because of a device that has changed the world in many ways.

Apple’s global smartphone started a revolution that’s still playing out for retailers, brands and consumers. Yes, apple’s iPhone didn’t exclusively modernize digital life, but it certainly helped opening many doors for a whole lot of things. Who would imagine ten years ago that through a smartphone users would be browsing or shopping via Amazon, romancing through Tinder, connecting on Facebook and asking dear Google every question that comes into their mind. Ten years ago Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, on June 28th 2007 to be precise, an attractive and innovative phone that has changed more than the way we communicate. Today, Americans on average check their smartphones 150 times a day! The iPhone was not the first mobile phone on the market, or the first phone to have internet connection or digital media player; yet it was the first to combine the three with elegance and functionality. The user interface, its navigation and sleek design really made it what now we remember as the tool that revolutionized everything from shopping to social media.

The iPhone also introduced a now well used word: Applications or most known as apps. There is now an app for everything. For every then smartphones sold in the U.S, four are Apple. The Apple iPhone’s was a huge influencer on shaping mobile commerce, mobile web searches and the apps we use today on a daily basis. Small startups to big corporations like Walmart have had to adapt to a mobile-first approach in their customer-facing technologies. Last summer, after the one billionth iPhone was sold, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook noted that: “IPhone has become one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in history. It’s become more than a constant companion. IPhone is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day.”

The iPhone along with other 21st century introductions opened the window for users to the world. The iPhone along with Facebook and Twitter created communities of people who were not united by geography or proximity, but by interests. The constant access to all types of information in real time has changed consumers. We as humans have evolved in terms on how we adapt to technology. We are now accustomed to having quick answers, having technology at our fingertips and being constantly stimulation; thus, we now have shorter attentions spans.

Our day-to-day has revolutionized. We can now count every heartbeat, every step or even every slight change in the stock market with a device that ten years ago was used only for communications purposes. Users then decide if they share or not this progress on their daily steps, last meal, last monetary gain, idea or complaint to their rest of their community. Users are now connected not only to the rest of the world through a device, but also more connectected to themselves and are happy to express the very best version of themselves to the world.

John Culkin smartly said that “we become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” The iPhone is shaping people into information-gatherers, influencers, bloggers, shoppers, friends, romancers etc… We have been shaped by a small, sleek and smart device and we are also shaping the future generations for this device.

Content strategist for Brand Ambassador