Whether it is stepping into the wedding business, opening physical retail locations, preparing to enter the Australian market, pushing for artificial intelligence, acquiring companies like Souq.com, launching a private label of apparel, shoes, electronics & personal care, streaming movies, amazon is always everywhere doing everything.

Amazon is notorious for opting for an array of investments and initiative over reporting business profits; yet for its first quarter results reported earnings increase 41 percent to $724 million. The company’s total sales rose 22.6 percent to $35.7 billion in the first quarter, including a 15.3 percent rise in product sales to $23.7 billion.

The product sales are very broad, but now they are aiming to expand their fashions sector through various initiatives like investing in a a live-stream style show akin, a QVC show and also recently received a patent for an a method of on-demand apparel manufacturing that.

Last year in an efforts to build amazon’s women’s wear private label, amazon hired social media star and The Blonde Salad blogger: Chiara Ferragni to be the face of their spring campaign. This resulted in amazon’s desire into jumping to the Influencer Marketing bandwagon.

Amazon is currently beta-testing an exclusive influencer platform. This platform is by invitation only to high-engagement influencers that have many followers, fans and a are frequently posting posts with shoppable content. This will certainly lure many influencers, since this is providing them a tangible benefit of having all their sponsored product available for sale conveniently at one place.

Interested influencers can apply by showing their social media accounts. Amazon will then gauge the user’s influential potential and engagement. You don’t have to be a user with millions of followers to be accepted to be part of the Amazon influencers. The company discussed on its site that “As we evaluate requests for invitation to the Amazon Influencer Program, we look at various factors including but not limited to number of followers on various social media platforms, engagement on posts, quality of content and level of relevancy for Amazon.com,”.

Once approved, the selected influencers will be given an easy to remember and unique vanity URL on Amazon where they can list any products they promote, essentially creating their little shop-in-shop within Amazon and earn an unspecified fee on any sales. Influencers can communicate this URL in thier blogs, Instagram accounts, YouTube Chanels and or Facebook pages, where fans can browse through their featured products.

As in most of its projects, Amazon’s business model is different from other retailers and brands. Amazon will not interfere in product selection will not give free “gifts” so influencers feature them. The influencer can recommend and feature any of the products on Amazon’s marketplace he or she wishes to do so.

If you decide to apply and get rejected, you can still be an Amazon affiliate. Amazon affiliates is open to the public and, unlike its influencer program, does not go through an application process. The Amazon affiliate program enables users to create links and advertisements that the user can have on its pages. If this links drive traffic into Amazon’s page, then the affiliate receives a percentage of sales.

If you don’t get an invitation to join amazon’s influencer program and the affiliate program is not the right fit for you now now, you can start in a more organic way by signing up to be a brand ambassador for products you already use and engage with. This will enable your fan base to grow in a sincere and organic way. Brand Ambassador App enables you to do just that. If you feel that amazon’s influencer program will be the feature of influencers and want to have a strong application, I suggest you start advocating for products you already know, love and use.

Stay tuned on more on how to build your engagement.

@Pink_geek , contest strategist

1) Star Influencer Chiara Ferragni on the set of Amazon Fashion’s spring campaign shoot.
2) A behind-the-scenes shot of Amazon’s last fall European campaign featuring Barbara Palvin, who has more than five million Instagram followers.