Last year Estee Lauder Cosmetics launched Estee Edit, a beauty brand born to specifically target and recruit millennials in Sephora stores and the parent company website.

Industry experts had high hopes for this brand, with a sales projection of $60 million in retail sales for one year, as the brand had a heavy digital investment, beauty management expertise, and “it” girls behind the campaigns. Estee Edit hired famous influencer and socialite Kendall Jenner and beauty blogger Irene Kim to be the face of the brand and the brand’s influencers.

However, only after a year after launching the brand has communicated it will cease to exist this year completely.
What happened? was it the formulations, the branding, or Jenner’s involment? If the iwas jenner’s involvment it would most likely be Jenner’s lack of invovlment. Although Kendall Jenner is very popular, her IG followers know that she does not wear as much makeup as her sisters, she is not particularly known for wearing a lot of makeup as Kalie is known for her matte lips and Kim for her perfect countouring. Jenner rarely mentioned the collection. Jenner was not the best decision in terms of representative for the brand, the earned media value was not significant and never really picked up since her followers did not perceive her posts as authentic.

The most productive brand ambassador, spokesperson and influencer relationships occur when brands involve influencers who genuinely love – and have a history of using and posting about – their products. It conveys credibility and fuels loyalty.

An influencer can have a huge positive impact to brands if selected correctly but they can also be detrimental to brands, so chose your influencers wisely.


Content strategist for Brand Ambassador App.