“Brand Ambassador empowers people to be Brand Advocates for brands they love. People already spend time
creating content for these Brands, and now they can be rewarded.”

Why should I share using the Brand Ambassador APP?
Sharing through the Brand Ambassador App allows you to create a more concrete, long-term connection with the brand, increase your personal social network, earn rewards and money to your Wallet.

What’s more important…sharing or creating?
Both are extremely important! Creating content carries a more genuine, organic feel and can earn you a spot in the Sharing Vault or a shout out. Sharing helps spread the brand generated content.

What’s the difference between a Lifestyle Shot and Product Shots?
Lifestyle shots depict you using and/or experiencing the product in action. The style will be more active, artistic or even with a group of people. A Product shot can still only include the product without you in the frame, but where is the fun in that?.

What is your Ambassador Level?
These ranks are attained by creating and sharing within the app. Move up and receive promotions, new product offerings, and money in your Wallet.

What is a “Coin?”
Coin is your action barometer. The more active you are, the more coins you earn. You can think of coins as a discount coupon you get rewarded as you do more for the brand.

Can I buy something I like without using my coins?
Yes. Coin can be applied, but does not have to be used. Feel free to save it up!

What is “My Wallet?”
The Wallet is money you receive to thank you for your good work, and you can spend it on any product you like within the App.

What is the “Sharing Vault” screen for?
The Sharing Vault provides you with prescreened content (both from the Brand and Ambassadors) that is ensured to include an engaging image, caption example, appropriate hashtags and is fully prepared to be shared to the social media platform of choice.

How can I see the products details?
To view product details visit your Rewards Page. This will be the Brand’s marketplace for you to reach your shopping cart and other Brand related rewards.

If I share a product on one social network can I share it again in another social network?
Yes. You are able to share the same image on each of your connected social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I just shared a product and I don’t see it anymore on the share area, where did it go?
It went to your History Chest to make room for more images in the Sharing Vault.

Who can see my posts?
Just like any form of social media everyone who you allow to view your posts can see them depending on your personal settings.

Is there a minimum/maximum of how many times per day or week I can share products?
Yes, but this varies by brand. The goal isn’t to saturate your pages but rather post appropriate content that you would normally do.

Where can I see the content I have created/shared?
All you create and/or share gets sent to your History Chest.

I see other Ambassadors content in the Share Vault, how can I get my images there?
Keep creating great content! The more you create, the higher chance you have to make it into the Sharing Vault.

Can I upload a picture from my phone’s gallery to create content?
Yes. You have the option of taking a live picture or uploading an image from your phone’s gallery.

What does “Your upload is being verified, it will display soon” mean?
You may see this message sometimes which means your post is being verified by our system. This is temporary and is to ensure we can acquire your metrics and provide feedback.

What are the metrics in the History Chest?
The metrics include Likes, Comments & Engagement. Keep track of these as you progress through the levels!

What does engagement mean?
Engagement is the ratio of Likes & Comments to your Network shown as a percentage.

How can I communicate with the Brand?
Click on the Message icon on the bottom Menu Bar or click “Messages” in the top Menu Bar.