When was the last time you followed a beauty tip from a fashion or beauty magazine? Do you still eagerly look forward to the September issues of your favorite magazines?
An authentic user can connect with their friends and readers in a way that now advertisements are struggling to do because their consumers are intelligent and know when something has marketing dollars behind to allure them into purchases. The last years have dramatically changed the way brands engage with their consumers.

Brands have integrated social media into their marketing strategies because it has proven to be a key sales driver. Daily millions of users are generating valuable content. Brands can now communicate their stories across a variety of platforms and channels. Users are communicating brand values without even noticing, and well others are getting paid for it too. An important community of influencers has emerged in the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil and France with an international reach. There are no borders once these influencers snap, tweet, post or blog.  These influencers now are as impactful as magazine pages were historically.

These social influencers have become celebrities, and now some even earn more money than people who are nominated for the Oscars. Influencer activations yield great results, only a few select companies have the budget to pay for these elite influences six figures or more. Yet there are ways to have influencers without hurting your budget. My upcoming will explore options of using influences without breaking your entire budget.

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