Seems like anyone can be brand ambassador now, and Glamglow with its skincare products is no exception. Glamglow was created in 2010 exclusively for backstage and professional use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries with products that make skin instantly camera ready, instantly pore-refining, instantly diminish visible imperfections, instantly reduce fine lines & instantly produce a noticeable glow that would last for days. A year later Glamglow was introduced to retail outlets. Distribution has now increased to 86 countries with over 6,500 Luxury Retail Stores, Spa Back-Bars, Luxury Hotels, Airlines, and Cruise Lines.

As most startup brands with rapid growth, the time has come for them to select its first brand ambassador; however, their choice shocked millions of people. To start, they selected a man and not a woman. Glamglow products are typically purchased by women. The brand’s co-founders Glenn Dellimore and Shannon Dellimore selected Nick Bateman as their brand ambassador. Nick Bateman, a handsome 30-year old Canadian model, and actor who has 6.5 million followers on Instagram (@nick__bateman) and likes martial arts. Nick Bateman has a low maintenance approach to beauty. The partnership was introduced with Glamglow’s campaign of Supermud Clearing Treatment and Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer. Although Glamglow has always featured men in its advertisements this is the first time a male will be the main focus.

Nick is not known in the beauty industry, he does not use makeup…but I guess his engagement is far more important. The first teaser post he uploaded into his Instagram on March 31st page has already 1.4 million views, a whooping 21% engagement rate which is practically unheard of. Is Glamglow the only brand featuring male brand ambassadors? No. Lab Series, Proactiv and Axe have partnerships with male influencers, yet Glamglow is a brand primarily used by female consumers. Stay tuned to see the fruits of this partnership.  



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