Brand Ambassador Network Creation Process

Your customers, friends and followers are your biggest fans. Invite them to be part of a community of Brand Ambassadors.

Communicate directly with them. Keep them involved with campaigns, promotions and other events you control.

Gain insight into their activity and engagement. Track referrals and leads all the way into conversions.

Flow of User Generated Content (UGC)

Keep Ambassadors engaged and motivated. They will create content and generate referrals and spread the word.

Stay in control of the conversation. Select which of the content that your Ambassadors create matches your needs.

Recognize your best Ambassador’s efforts and showcase their content on the spotlight feed in the community APP. Guide new Ambassadors to create the kind of content that gets the prize.

Automate the Workflow of Community Inspired E-commerce

Highlight your products and services in action. Link ambassador content to the products they are showcasing and place them on your Website. Real people displaying the lifestyle they are passionate about through the Brand that they love.

New visitors will see your Ambassadors content showcasing your Brand’s lifestyle. Real people telling the story, no models in studios.

Visitors relate better to products pictured on a real setting. Get reports about which content better tells the story and delivers the most clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Brand’s Backend and Control Center

From the aggregate network down to each individual member. Gain insight into real time activity, impression, and conversion values.

Tools to understand the MVPs among your network and incentives to keep them engaged with your message.

Track from personal profiles right down to your shopping cart.



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