Inda Hash, an application that connects aspiring influencers with brands, recently conducted a survey that revealed that “influencer” is now an official profession, according to respondents.

The majority of the survey respondents who claimed that their profession is “influencer” are women. Women typically post more than men; on Average a woman influencer posts more than 2 posts a day, and are also more prone to purchase something they saw from a post of an influencer they genuinely admire.

So, what is the typical profile of people who claim themselves as influencers:

  • Follow real people instead of traditional media
  • Watch online videos for many hours a day, and little to no television
  • Are influenced by friends and other social media users
  • Live in cosmopolitan cities
  • Are currently students
  • Have 1% of engagement if they are top-tier influencers, and mid-tier influencers have from 5-12% engagement

Recently graduated and no concrete plans? The slow-down on the economy taking a hit on your 9-5 job? Not liking what you and wishing for a change? Why not try the newly-baptized influencing profession. Our advice is to start to be an advocate of the brands you already love. By genuinely starting with products and brands you already love, your friends and fans will perceive your move into influencing very organic and will follow your advice and your engagement will grow.


Content strategist for Brand Ambassador App