Using the Brand Ambassador Platform

The Brand Ambassador software is designed to manage your current brand ambassadors, add new ambassadors, and increase your brand visibility and social presence. This is a simple solution that also encourages your advocates to create hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of original content every month for your brand.

There are two sides to this system. The first is the app that your ambassadors will use to develop content, become part of the community and communicate with the brand. The gamified elements of this app will reward them for talking about your marketing message in a natural way. The second part is your platform from which you can track and manage the data associated with each campaign.

Laptop and metrics

Your Control Center

The platform enables you to build and manage an Ambassador network loyal to your brand.

 User-friendly interface with cutting-edge technology.
 Content Management Module.
 Recruitment tool to discover new Ambassadors.
 Media Value Module.
 Rewards system to incentivize content creation.
 Extended analytics, demographics, and metrics.
 Ambassador Network Management.
 Individual Activity Reports.
 Direct communication with the Ambassadors.

Your Brand Ambassador Portal

Brand Ambassador provides your Brand with a customized iOS & Android APP and Web portal that transforms the way you communicate with your Ambassadors. Our platform revamps social media interactions with your followers and your Ambassadors. We achieve this by creating a community of driven, engaged, and passionate people that embody the lifestyle your Brand represents. Your APP grants Ambassadors ease of access to tools at the touch of a button such as:

 Engagement Statistics.
 Featured Lifestyle images.
 Organic Content Creation.
 Direct communication with the brand for guidance.
 Campaign Collaboration Opportunities.
 Personalized post features and branding.
 Customized incentives.
 Shoutouts and tools to grow their network.


Use Our Tools to Automate the Workflow of User Generated Content (UGC)


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