For the User Base from the User Base

Brand Ambassador® is a platform that allows people to represent and build relationships with the brands that they love. It also provides brands with the tools they need to manage their ambassador network in an efficient way.
The current options that brands have to reach a sizeable network of people in Instagram are narrowed to big influencers that charge a premium to reach a very low percentage of their follower base. With Brand Ambassador® we achieve a higher level of exposure for less, while empowering the users who are the “real brand ambassadors” to a brand. These ambassadors encompass most of the following criteria:

  • Preferred customers: These are customers that have shown favorable disposition towards a brand. In other words, satisfied customers looking to express their appreciation of a specific product or brand online and being recognized for it.
  • Around the giants: Big social influencer accounts exploit their following numbers, they directly benefit their pockets by creating inorganic and often misdirected publicity at the expense of brands. Brand Ambassador® is based on empowering everyday users.
  • Relationships that tell a story: We aim to allow brands to better understand and manage their audiences through the content their own customers create. This is to allow them be more effective and create lasting relationships with their customers.
  • The power of peer recommendations: Organic content created by everyday users is proven to have increased effect on their audiences. By empowering the voice of these users we are generating organic and effective recommendations, not just plain advertising.

Brand Ambassador® priority is to provide a centralized base of action for brands and real Ambassadors to collaborate. Consequently this generates an alternative organic form of self-promotion that benefits and empowers the ambassador which entices more activity and engagement on social media platforms from their end. This further expands brand interest in engaging clients through social media in this way. This method has the added benefit not incurring the excessive initial cost as a barrier of entry that those that big influencers suppose. Put in short, we aim to create value from the user base, for the user base.

The Project Scope

To accomplish the design of an effective center of collaboration, Brand Ambassador® will feature access to content created by other ambassadors of related brands in single place within the app. This is done with the purpose of inspiring other ambassadors to generate their own content as well as providing guidance and education for their future efforts.

Additionally, Brand Ambassador® strives to make the experience engaging and fun for the user. We achieve this through benchmarks explicitly given to the Ambassador. This is geared for the Ambassador to have a clear goal and aim in mind as well as a base to build upon.

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