China has 700 million smartphone users, which is 3.5 times more than what America has. Given the amount of users with smartphones and the popularity of social media in China, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College has pioneered in a course to show students how to be a social media celebrity. The specific course is called “Modelling and Etiquette” and the curriculum teaches students how to work with photos, edit videos, present their taste in a certain way, develop a unique fashion sense, how to become an expert in a field where they can thrive in social media, like make-up and recruit loyal followers.

If you want to pioneer in managing your own personal brand, but cannot move to China at this moment to get this course, here are some of Pink Geek’s pointers on how to start managing your career in influencing.

First and foremost, your personal commitment to manage and invest in your profile the right way. Your profile requires time, planning, strategy, and content. Although most influencers do not have a well-defined business plan on their profile, and now body really needs to , but there are some questions from strategic planning that every aspiring influencers needs to answer:

Do you have a quality network?
How are you aiming to being at the right digital place at the right time?
How are you earning a voice at the digital table?
Have you defined your unique value propositioning?

Second, align your profile with your passionate pursuits, interests and talent. What others believe or tell you what you are good at will not be ultimately the best option to focus on if this will disconnect yourself from others because it is not really what causing you to develop your inner talents and aspirations. The world is very big, and has space for every interest and talent. Whether you like knitting or running, there is always people who have shared interest and now in this digitally-savy world it is easier to share your interests with like-minded individuals.

Third, after knowing in what you will focus on, invest in your strengths to use those more often to capture compatible fans. Then, never stop learning, the digital world moves fast enough, and if you do not keep up-to-date with your passions other people will take over. Finally, give your right attention to your genuine relationships, your circle of influence is crucial; the more you nurture your relationships the more voice you will have over your fan community.

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